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06 March 2015 @ 08:44 pm
[ 31 ] we'll all go home in the mornin'  
Title: we'll all go home in the mornin'
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairings: Jongin centric + mentions of various other members.
Word Count: 2216w
Authors Note: This is an excerpt of an rp, but I thought that I would post it on the off chance that people would like to see where it leads. It is un-beta'd, and may be a little confusing out of context. I have plot details if people are interested. All members have powers, but these powers are not necessarily those given during MAMA-era. Jongin still teleports, because teleporting is badass.
Trigger Warnings: Mentions of non-con experiments (nothing sexual), needles, non-con and dub-con confinement.

i'll go home, i'll go home
full of the devil and full of the rum
i'll go home, i'll go home
we'll all go home in the morning

Throughout his whole life, Jongin’s life had been dictated by the voice of the other – the men in the white coats that would come for them day after day, like clockwork to poke and prod them with needles, forever talking amongst themselves, throwing out terms and words that he didn’t understand. Sure, in the facility he had his friends. There was Joonmyun, the oldest, who was pretty stuffy, but deep down he always had a lame joke to tell, and he was always there to look out for the younger kids when they scraped their knees. There was Baekhyun and Chanyeol, who Jongin could only think to describe as frien-emies (they ribbed on each other as much as they built each other up). They were both mood-makers, and always thought of cool ways to cheer everyone up. It was actually Baekhyun and Chanyeol who thought of a way that he could get back at Sehun for farting on him all those years ago. Speaking of Sehun, he was the same age as Jongin, which meant that even though they were close, there was a rivalry in their friendship, or at least this is what Jongin insists on. Sehun doesn’t really seem to believe him, but Sehun was a stupid head anyway, so what does he know? He had his friends, but there were very few times when something happened that broke the pattern, something that snapped him from the haze that tended to build up with the repetition of his life.

The first interruption was when Jongin first figured out that he could teleport. Only, when it first began happening, Jongin wasn’t actually cognitively aware of what was happening. Back then, as child, he would only teleport at night – when he slept when he was in that moment between reality and dreamland, and his body lost the ability to completely control itself. For the first few years of this new power, he thought that he was dreaming, and that the boy he met in this “dream world” was simply a figment of his imagination. He didn’t ever see him through the day, and whenever he brought it up with Joonmyun in passing, the elder would just pat him on the head and tell him that he had a pretty wild imagination. The boy in the room didn’t seem to regard him as anything particularly real either, so this continued until he was a teenager, when he finally started to be able to control his abilities. He could teleport through the day, but the men in white coats would never let him. They told him that it was dangerous, and since he was still learning how to control the power, teleporting long distances ran the risk of miscalculating where he wanted to land. It was entirely possible for him to land partly in a wall, or the floor, and that thought was enough to scare him pretty easily. But still, he found it harder to control at night, when his mind wandered, and he once again found himself in the presence of that boy.

Kyungsoo was his name.

Once he and Kyungsoo mutually came to terms with the fact that neither one of them was dreaming, his nightly excursions became the part of his day that he looked forward to the most. Kyungsoo didn’t really talk much, and the solitary confinement was something that neither of them could figure out – Kyungsoo didn’t remember doing anything to incite the wrath of the white-coats, and Jongin knew that none of his friends even knew that this boy existed. Judging by his number, he was born the year before he and Sehun were, but they were never able to figure out why he wasn’t allowed to spend time with the other kids. Kyungsoo didn’t talk much, but he listened intently to Jongin’s stories, regaling his friend with the daily happenings, from the superbly boring, to the really interesting.

Sometimes, he would even tell Kyungsoo about the time that he spent alone with the white-coats. He would tell him how those moments scared him, because he was separated from what he felt could protect him, tied to the bed and forced to adhere to whatever experiments and/or experiments the white-coats wanted to try on him. He felt bad after those nights, because he knew that Kyungsoo didn’t have the luxury of returning to friends after the experiments. He only had the cramped four walls, big enough to hold his bed, a bedside table, a toilet, and a place to wash his hands and face. There were no windows, only small vents that were no bigger than Kyungsoo’s hands for air circulation, and the door was made of the same cold and imposing steel as the walls. It seemed foolish considering the constant supervision they were all subject to, but he vowed one day to save Kyungsoo from that cramped little room.

Although honestly, he didn’t really expect that vow to become a reality.

The second time that his pattern was disturbed was the introduction of a new group of people into the facility. They were around the age of his friends, but they were different. They were almost rough around the edges, and carried a look in their eyes that was unlike anything Jongin had ever seen before. It was like they knew things, and this both simultaneously captivated and terrified Jongin to his core. Joonmyun confirmed the fact that he had never seen them before, and as the oldest person (besides the white-coats) in the facility, Jongin tended to trust his judgment on these things. They were new, they were strange, and they brought with them ideas so fantastical that Jongin was hard-pressed to believe a single word that they were saying.

Initially, the newcomers played it safe. They followed the orders of the white-coats, stuck to the routine, and simply lived their lives on the day-to-day pattern. Now, Jongin was aware that they weren’t so much playing it safe, as they were recovering from whatever experiments that the white-coats performed on them. They were gathering strength, until they could utilize the gifts that they were given, and combine them with the natural strength that they had to begin with. Colour Jongin surprised when, one afternoon in the courtyard during free time, he discovered that the newcomers were actually werewolves. Kyungsoo had told him about werewolves once; they had appeared in one of the books that he was reading. They were fantastical creatures that could shape shift at will, turning into creatures of the night that ran in packs and howled at the moon. He thought they were fantasy, never in his life did he think that he would meet a werewolf in real life.

The abilities that he and his friends had didn’t seem so strange to him, because they were just part of the routine. The abilities were part and parcel to the only life that Jongin had ever known. But along with the secret of the werewolves, the newcomers divulged many other secrets as well. For one, there was an entire world that existed outside this facility, and the newcomers had been ambushed and forced to become a part of the experiment. They weren’t entirely certain of the reason they were targeted specifically, but they had good reason to believe that it certainly wasn’t a good reason. Jongin was rightfully suspicious at first, but with the seed planted, he began to take notice of the things around him.

He began to notice flaws in the routine.

The men in the white-coats were becoming more strict with them; cutting back on free time and spending more and more time focusing on the experiments and the injections, combat training, and radically less time socializing and being able to enjoy the company of the people that he had come to think of as his family. It scared him, especially because it meant there was less time that he could see Kyungsoo. He wondered if he was okay, if he had suffered the same way that he and his friends did, or if the isolation somehow exempted him from this treatment. He had no way of knowing, because for weeks, the white-coats had somehow managed to block his ability to teleport, so he was cut off from the friends that the white-coats were aware of, and also the ones that they weren’t.

Once they were allowed to see each other again, Xiumin, whom Jongin had figured out was the leader of the wolves, told them all that somehow, some way, they were going to escape. Jongin didn’t know what that meant, but he could tell that he was being serious. Xiumin mentioned something about having someone on the “outside,” but this concept really confused Jongin, because he was still having trouble grasping the concept that there was a world outside the facility. What was it like? Was it all steel and walls like the facility? Xiumin mentioned something about earth and trees, but Jongin couldn’t imagine what these were. Still, he could feel the sense of impending doom, and he felt that with this momentarily glimpse of freedom, he needed to warn Kyungsoo. Because this person on the outside was apparently very reliable, and one of the other wolves, he was slight and small in frame, Lu Han, insisted that he was on his way.

So that night, alone in his cell (he didn’t really think of it as a room any longer), he concentrated and teleported into Kyungsoo’s solitary confinement cell. After a frenzied reunion, Jongin warned him about the breakout, and returning to his cell, promised the other boy that he would make sure that they come for him. Jongin refused to leave him behind. If he was going to agree to go on this crazy adventure with the newcomers, he wanted to take everyone that mattered with him. The fate of the white-coats didn’t bother him, but his friends, his family, that mattered to him. It seemed as though Joonmyun felt the same way, because Jongin had caught Joonmyun and Xiumin discussing things heatedly, usually apart from the rest of both groups. Jongin could only assume that he was bargaining the terms of escape or something.

The next few days were dull, and for a while, Jongin almost convinced himself that the whole thing had been a dream. Then, one night, he’s ripped from his sleep by a shrill alarm that was so loud it seemed to be coming from the base of his very skull. He was heavily disoriented, but adrenaline kicked in easily enough, and took control where his brain and logic failed. He was on his feet and out of his cell in moments. Whatever caused the alarm had also tripped the lock on their cells, and he could see the others in a similar state of disarray and confusion. Only the newcomers seemed to be alert, working swiftly to gather everyone up, because Jongin figured that this was going to get messy quickly.

And messy it did.

Armed soldiers were on them in minutes, and Jongin was separated from everyone but Joonmyun and one of the wolves. He was the large one that scared him a little, Kris. He knew that this was their only chance to save Kyungsoo, so after a few moments of begging and pleading, it was agreed that no man could be left behind. Joonmyun was still a little skeptical of Kyungsoo’s existence, but he was never one to deny the whims of the younger kids. It was harder to find Kyungsoo in the chaos because he was accustomed to simply teleporting, but thankfully it wasn’t as hard as he’d thought. The facility was designed in a pattern, and Kyungsoo’s cell wasn’t actually far from where the others were held. The only problem was the door, large and imposing, wasn’t left ajar like theirs were.

Thankfully Kris could solve that particular problem – control of the earth meant a certain amount of strength was at his disposal, and not to mention the strength that his imposing wolf offered. He broke the door easily, and Jongin was pushing past him get to Kyungsoo. He was the only person that Kyungsoo would recognize, and he didn’t want to scare him too much by Kris being the first thing that he saw after his door was open.

Something was wrong though. Kyungsoo was initially surprised to see them, which Jongin couldn’t really blame him for, but it seemed as if his senses were instantly overwhelmed the second that he stepped out of the cramped room and into his arms. Jongin bit his lip in his concern, his arms immediately enclosing the unconscious frame of his friend, scooping him up and turning to the others. There was no time to really worry. They were on a limited time offer to escape here, and at the very least, he didn’t want to be the reason that Kris was trapped here for the next however long time. Thankfully Kyungsoo was light in his arms, and after making eye contact with Joonmyun and Kris, told them that it was time to move. They could rejoin the others. They just needed to bypass all the soldiers first.

Jongin would come to realize that this was easier said than done.

∂ As always, comments and feedback are appreciated! ♥
∂ Apologies for the most likely horrendous grammar and tense issues! As I said before, it's unbeta'd, and only barely proofread.
∂ Thank you reading, I hope you enjoyed it!
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