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26 March 2020 @ 07:33 pm
[ - ] Request Post  

- Comment on this post with a request, and I'll respond asap about whether or not I can fill it.
- Be patient waiting for the request to be fulfilled; I don't control the creative process.
- Short fics and drabbles are preferred and will be filled, chaptered fics might be considered with the right prompt (if requesting chaptered fic, please be prepared to be very specific so that I can ensure I fill it properly).
- Comments are appreciated, especially if a request has been filled. I'm always opened to constructive criticism, as I am far from a perfect author.

Accepted Requests:

- (x) No non-con/dub-con; no extreme kinks
- (x) Kris/Lu Han will not be included in non-au EXO filled requests.
- (√) Pairing-centric fics are welcome, but gen-fics are also perfectly fine!
- (√) EXO and Cube Family for Kpop, but some fandoms can be written for providing I am adequately familiar with said fandom/characters.
- (√) Kris/Lu Han can be included in AU EXO filled requests.
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